25. 07. 2017

Palermo, Italy

Relaunch with CityGuide
Just shortly after New Years Eve the state capital of Palermo in Sicily launched it's new internet portal for visitors around the world.
The information on the cities' history and points of interest is complemented by a new CityGuide DMS. The new version, this time in Italian language, can be found here.


CityGuide Mobile will be presented to the public on January 17th in Kaiserslautern. Since the Intergeo in Düsseldorf the mobile navigation system for pedestrians was expanded with an interactive calendar. This calendar allows users to map a route to a certain event in the city from their current position by means of a Java enabled mobile-phone or PDA. s


Stadtatlas 2nd Edition
The new DVD by the city of Duisburg has received such a good feedback that the city quickly had to release a second edition before christmas to meet the demand. We are happy for the city and hope, that the DVD will be a nice addition to this years christmas trees in Duisburg. More information on the Stadtatlas DVD can be found here.s


With big steps...
The "Powerfrau" accompanies you through the citymap for women and girls:
The automatic search function - the index has been sorted alphabetically and is arranged by themes - will help you find the institution of choice. The "Powerfrau" Symbol will show the desired location on the citymap. The new version of the citymap can be found here.


My Frankfurt
The new Aerial-Photography DVD is available in stores starting today, the 1st of December 2005. It is packed with high definition photos of the city and offers the people of Frankfurt as well as the visitor an impressive view of the city.

Welcome to cityguide-3d.com

The all new CityGuide 3D enables you to view your city or region from a birds eye view, without having to climb onto an airplane.

Being founded on Java-Technology from Sun Microsystems the software is capable of running online or offline independent of the existing operating system.

CityGuide 3D can be run through Internet and intranet as well as from CDROM, hard drive or even touch screen displays on public information terminals.

Product Description

CityGuide 3D comes to your deskop in two versions:

CityGuide 3D Standard

This application runs on all browsers that can work with a Java 1.1.8 virtual machine. A small part of your city or area is visualized without altitude model information.

CityGuide 3D XL

The XL-Version of CityGuide 3D merges a digital altitude model with the corresponding aerial photographs to a virtual landscape in which you can move around absolutely free.

In order to run the XL-Version you will need the Java2-VM and the Java-3D-Api.

Convince yourself by trying out our online demonstration.

GetJava Download Button


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